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ClassiCove’s Family  

ClassiCove New York
ClassiCove New York is a 90mm decorative paperfaced cornice that captures the exclusive style of Park Avenue living without the exclusive price tag. Available in 4.2 metre lengths. New York can also be fitted over existing cornice in room makeovers.

ClassiCove Sydney
ClassiCove Sydney is a 90mm decorative paper faced cornice that reflects the stylish profile of Sydney's Opera House sails and Harbour Bridge curves.

ClassiCove Manly
ClassiCove Manly is a 75mm decorative paper-faced cornice is a smaller version of ClassiCove Sydney with one less ridge. Manly is suitable for lower ceilings or inn conjunction with Sydney.
ClassiCove Cairo
ClassiCove Cairo 3 & 4-Step is a decorative paper-faced cornice resembling the steps and square lines of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Cairo 3-Step is 75mm, while Cairo 4-Step is 100mm.
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