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Product Description

Duraliner is a general-purpose fibre cement building board intended for flush jointing. It has been specially formulated and prepared to meet the requirements for use in Wet Areas, Internal Linings, Ceilings, a Substrate for Ceramic Wall Tiles and Fire & Acoustically Rated Internal Walls.

In heavy duty commercial applications for wall tiling, fibre cement sheets are to have a minimum thickness of 9.0mm as per the Australian Standard AS 3958.11991 "Ceramic Tiles -Guide to Installation".

Duraliner can also be used on external applications, such as soffits, where it will not be subject to the direct actions of the weather.

Product Information

Duraliner is manufactured from Portland cement, finely ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. It is cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave to create a durable, dimensionally stable product.

Duraliner is manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS 2908.2 Cellulose Cement Products. It is classified as a Type B Category 2 sheet and is suitable for internal uses.



Duraliner is available with factory machined recesses on the two long sides and one end, ready for flush jointing.

The sheet face is coated with a green tinted sealant to facilitate jointing and coating.

Fire Resistance

Duraliner has been tested by the CSIRO (Building, Construction and Engineering Division) in accordance to Australian Standard AS1530.3 -1989; see report number FNE 7524 (6.0 mm Duraliner) and FNE 7527 (9.0 mm Duraliner).

Handling and storage

Duraliner sheets must be stacked flat, up off the ground and supported on level bearers.

The sheets must be kept dry, preferably by being stored inside a building. When stored outdoors they must be protected from the weather.

Care should be taken to avoid damage to the ends, edges and surfaces. Sheets must be dry prior to being fixed, or painted. Sheets must be carried on edge.

Quality Systems

BGC Fibre Cement manufactures Duraliner under the rigorous Quality Management System of the International Standard ISO 9002:1994, and is the holder of Licence Agreement number QEC2955/13.

Health Safety

BGC Duraliner is manufactured from cellulose fibre, finely ground sand, Portland cement and additives. As manufactured the product will not release airborne dust, but during drilling, cutting and sanding operations cellulose fibres, silica and calcium silicate dust may be released. Breathing in fine silica dust is hazardous, prolonged exposure (usually over several years) may cause bronchitis, silicosis or cancer.

Do not breathe dust

When cutting sheets, work in a well-ventilated area and use the methods recommended in this literature to minimise dust generation. If using power tools for cutting, drilling or sanding they must be fitted with appropriate dust collection devices or the operator should wear an approved (P1 or P2) dust mask and safety glasses.

These precautions are not necessary when stacking, unloading or handling fibre cement products.

Product Types

Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay Fibre Cement Substrate for Ceramic Floor Tiles
BGC Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay is a specially formulated fibre cement sheet designed to provide a stable substrate for slate and ceramic floor tiles. It can be installed over new or existing timber floorboards, plywood or particleboard flooring.
In dry areas, tiling may be applied directly to the BGC Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay to form an impervious, easily cleaned surface.
For wet areas, and areas subject to accidental flooding or water splash, the installation of a waterproof membrane between the BGC Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay and the tiling is required.

Vinyl & Cork Underlay Fibre Cement Substrate for Vinyl & Cork Floor Coverings
BGC Vinyl and Cork Underlay sheets have been designed, tested and manufactured to provide a smooth, durable and completely termite and rodent proof surface on which to lay vinyl & cork tiles. The sheets are also immune to water damage and will not swell. Vinyl and Cork Underlay sheets can also be used under parquetry floor tiles.
BGC Vinyl & Cork Underlay sheets are manufactured to comply with Australian Standards AS 2908.2 -1992 Cellulose Cement Products -Part 2 Flat Sheets. They are also referred to in AS 1884 -1985 Floor Coverings Resilient Sheet and Tiles -Laying and Maintenance Practises.

Villaboard (Duraliner) Sizes


4200 x 1200
3600 x 1200
3000 x 1200
2700 x 1200
2400 x 1200
2100 x 1200
1800 x 1200
4200 x 1350
3600 x 1350
3000 x 1350
2400 x 1350
2100 x 1350
3600 x 900
3000 x 900
2400 x 900

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